Online appointments  Following a COVID-19 triage process, usually completed on the phone, it may be appropraite for your condition to be managed by online appointments. This may be to trial exercises or due to shielding and these appointments can prove very useful for the therapist for clinical diagnosis and also for patient for treatment and reassurance.    

We appreciate that this is a new concept for us as clinicians and yourself as a patient and many people have expectations of hands on treatment from physiotherapy, however there are so many more skills that we can offer
Just simply listening to the patient and using clinical reasoning we can have a reasonable idea for diagnosis. We can look at how you move using a camera to try to identify weaknesses and links to possible pathologies. 
We can use education to explain what is happening to your body and provide a treatmen plan including indepth exercise programmes. We can monitor using emails and follow up appointments. 
If at any point we feel a face to face appointment is required, a risk assessment will be completed and we will advise you accordingly. 

 How does it work?  Options can include Zoom, WhatsApp Video or FaceTime An email will be sent out about details  You will need:  a computer, tablet or smart phone some quiet time with as few distractions as possible ideally some space to perform some movements to be dressed apprioriately to view your movements. e.g. shorts for lower limb      

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